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Increase Male Libido

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How to Increase Male Libido with Exercise

How to Increase Male Libido with Exercise?

Sex is healthy and helps against stress. However, our lust is often subject to fluctuations. These workouts can help you increase your libido. Lust comes and goes, often especially when you’re under stress, and sex is one of the most effective and enjoyable means of relieving tension of all kinds.

Exercise to increase pleasure

All sports that lead to increased testosterone release also lead to an improvement in libido. In principle, it’s mostly about short, intensive workouts, whether it’s strength training in the gym or 40-minute speed training. But also, interval running generally leads to an increase in testosterone levels.

  1. Sport increases self-esteem and feelings of pleasure

Sport serves to lift your spirits and is often prescribed for mental illnesses such as panic attacks, depression, and exhaustion. Behind this is the simple fact that hormones like adrenaline and dopamine are released in large amounts during exercise. They ensure that we are flying high and that we feel balanced.

But regular exercise sessions also ensure that we feel good for a long period. Exercise improves our self-esteem because we learn to work with our bodies and to be proud of them. And through this point, we can also increase our pleasure.

Studies also show that regular fitness sessions lead to increased libido, simply because you release new sexual energies with increased self-confidence.

  1. Exercise increases testosterone levels and promotes (genital) blood flow

Exercise increases testosterone levels, which at the same time increases desire. In addition, blood circulation is improved, which ensures a greater sensation of pleasure, especially in the genital area.

In the case of men, this also ensures that they are more virile. However, they reach orgasm more quickly after exercising.

Studies also suggest that three training sessions a week would reduce the risk of impotence in men and increase fertility in women. However, only if you train moderately.

What sports can increase your desire?

What does moderate training mean? It is no secret that there is also too much exercise. Those who train too much and stress their own body too much can cause testosterone levels to turn negative, reducing libido.

If you want to increase your pleasure through sports, you must train regularly, but not excessively. Sport should reduce stress, not cause it. How much sport is enough? This is different for everyone; therefore, each person has their limits. However, constant muscle aches, headaches, and fatigue can be signs that you’re exercising too much.

These are the best sports to increase sexual desire:

These are the best sports to increase sexual desire

  1. Functional and resistance training

Especially moderate resistance training, light jogging, for example, is beneficial for desire. Of course, other endurance sports can also be used, but be careful with cycling: this can numb the genital area and reduce desire at first.

Stretching exercises: Pilates & Yoga

The stretching and breathing exercises practiced in yoga and Pilates are useful when a better sex life is desired. Yoga relaxes and lowers cortisol levels, while the body produces more oxytocin at the same time. Oxytocin is also known as the confidence and generosity hormone. High cortisol levels not only show that you are stressed, they are also harmful to the cardiovascular system and general health, and it also significantly reduces sexual desire.

Pilates and Hatha Yoga are ideal for a relaxed and balanced day, but especially to strengthen the pelvis. And this is precisely what should be highlighted especially during sport if you want to increase your desire.

Sports, in which phases of stress and recovery alternate, are also especially good. This stimulates blood circulation and keeps the tissue flexible. This improves performance during sexual intercourse. For men it is also advisable to specifically train the pelvic floor muscles.

  1. Increase pleasure with shallow HIIT

A high intensity interval training is the absolute fat burning, especially in terms of the post-workout effect, hardly any sport trumps this training, but it also puts enormous stress on the body.

That is why there is also the Light Intensity Interval Training, which combines the same exercises more slowly and without jumping. It takes longer, but it is less stressful and therefore helps to generate pleasure, especially if you do routines that involve the abdominal and gluteal muscles.

Sport and frequent physical activity are good for libido

Even if your favorite sport is not there, in general, exercise, and moderate workouts are activities that make your body and mind work in a healthy way and are in harmony.

Sport does not only have an indirect influence on sexual life. Ultimately, increased physical activity improves cardiovascular fitness, especially the elasticity and resistance of blood vessels, including the pelvic area. Better blood circulation in the pelvis also increases sensitivity in the genital area. This directly translates to higher sexual performance and better sexual sensation. Bottom line: Sport actually improves sexual performance based on a number of factors.

Can you use sex to increase athletic performance?

Brief, intense sexual activity can often lead to increased testosterone levels. This improves the entire building process (anabolic) and has a positive influence on the ability to regenerate after more intense physical activity.

The sport alone does not increase libido

As much as sport can improve many aspects of sexual desire, it alone cannot keep libido stable. Rather, it is the positive side effects that it brings with it that increase pleasure. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle and a low level of stress are also decisive in maintaining high levels of sexual desire.

Why take care of testosterone levels?

If you have suffered from lack of sexual interest for a long period, you should consult a doctor. Sometimes taking certain medications, such as antihypertensives or antidepressants, can alter sexual desire. If your doctor diagnoses alterations, they are usually resolved in a specific way, through medications and changes in eating habits and lifestyle, which produces a recovery of sexual desire, therefore you should not worry.