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Bakhar Nabieva

Female Fitness

Bakhar Nabieva Miss Iron Bum Fitness Model

“Miss Iron Bum” is the nickname attributed to Bakhar Nabieva, a bodybuilder and fitness model born in Azerbaijan, with her impressive and powerful thighs she is also well known for the black contact lenses she wears.
Born in 1994 Bakhar Nabieva moved to Ukraine when she was young and she eventually graduated from Dnipro University with a degree in economics.

Bakhar Nabieva

However, whilst at school she admits to being bullied because of her slim figure and gangly legs. But one day around 2012 she watched an interview with Gracyanne Barbosa, a Brazilian fitness model and this was to change Bakhar’s life forever.
She now lives in Miami having moved there in 2020, she works out at the gym there and you can see how the hard work has transformed her body. Maybe she will inspire you to reach your goals too. Why not check out her Instagram at

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